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The Healing Frequency provides an array of services with the emphasis on Emotional Intelligence and Energy work to restore Health, Harmony and Balance in your life.

“Change your thoughts, Change your mind"

We are firmly rooted in this belief. What we mean by this is your Perception=Your Reality.


The physical manifestation of life can and will be brought about by your emotional state and your emotional state can be impacted by the physical reality you live in.


We strive to provide the highest quality of care adapted to your unique needs, ensuring a true well-being and holistic experience.


You must tend to your physical existence as much as your mental attitudes; this is what we call a truly integrated approach to healing.

About the Healing Frequency

Rob is a natural Intuitive skilled and trained in many metaphysical and energy healing modalities. His list of specialities include Reiki, Energy Psychology, Life Coaching, Theta Healing and Hypnotherapy among many others.  

Rob has been on the spiritual path since the age of 8 when he taught himself how to heal his sprained ankle. At that tender age he learned the true meaning of thoughts manifest into reality.


Rob has studied Tae Kwon Do, Karate  and different forms of Kung Fu. As a teenager he competed at the state and national levels. His study of martial arts  incorporated the energy from these teachings into his healing abilities.


Rob has a background in Psychology from Fairmont State and Mary Mount University. He has studied and received certifications in life coaching, hypnosis, Reiki (Usui, Kundalini and Komyo Reiki:RMT) , Theta healing, Access Bars, Bach flower and Tuning Fork therapy .

Rob has studied advanced forms of Mediumship internationally at the Arthur Findley college in Stansted, UK as well as locally in the United States at the Journey Within Church in New Jersey.


Rob is an avid teacher of the Law of Attraction and that is evident in his statement: "Change your thoughts, Change your mind." It is this personable view on life that makes Rob a Master Healer. He recognizes the intrinsic harmony and relationship between the human experience and the physical reality. In his sessions, nothing is segregated. You will experience change across the board in your emotions, spiritual life, mental attitudes and physical well being. 

Rob has been graciously invited to teach his classes at these prestigious places:

- Spirit University, Sarasota, FL

- Lotus Wellness Center, Manassas, VA

- Intuitive Wellness Center, Burke, VA

- Imagine "A" Holistic Approach, Middleburg, VA

- Seven Oaks Retreat Center, Madison, VA

- Roanoke, VA

- Salt Oasis Spa, Charleston, SC  

- Ocean Isle, NC

- Alexandria, LA

- Acadia National Park, ME


Feel free to reach out to us if you would like to have Rob visit your location. He is now accepting requests for Summer 2023.


About Rob

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