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Kundalini Awakening (Rising) Sessions

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This unique, one of a kind healing package was channeled directly to Master Healer Rob Pritchard to aid the spiritual seeker in achieving their own Kundalini awakening in a safe and secure environment. 

There are three sessions in this package that include yogic theory and practice, breath work (pranayama), meditative instruction, assessment of your personal Kundalini energy, and energy work to aid in the removal of chakra blockages and create space for Kundalini to flow. 


We will use practical work to introduce you to the Feminine Divine (Shakti power) and Masculine Divine (Shiva power). As you learn to expand this divine universal energy in yourself you may experience direct connection to All that Is.


We will find the sacred space within you to create the groundwork you need for your Kundalini activation to happen on its own, naturally and beautifully. 


What to Expect After a Kundalini Empowerment Energy Session:

  • You will feel better about life 
  • Have more inner energy to live life the way you want to
  • Invite in more opportunities for life enhancement 
  • May get less sick in life due to natural energy flowing through you 
  • See life in a happier and more beautiful light
  • Feel an intense level of BEing instead of living day to day
  • Have ease to go into meditation in your daily life
  • More balance and healing of the chakras 
  • Psychic development and rapid increase in current powers 


Please Note!

Once you commit to the package we will schedule an initial phone call to go over the personalization of the program for your specific needs and set the dates. We will meet once a week for three weeks and there is an option for enrollment into another package after or for private sessions.

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