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Your Path - Your Journey

The Ultimate 5 Week Breakthrough to Transformation

Are you feeling overwhelmed and lost in your own life?

Do you feel like you are in a rat race, just trying to survive?

Are you emotionally exhausted and at your wit's end? 

If you are sick and tired of always being sick and tired, join us on this breakthrough journey of transformation, healing, self analysis and growth. 

What IS the 5 Week Program Your Path - Your Journey?

The 5 Week Program is an individual coaching and mentorship opportunity with Master Healer Rob Pritchard. In this unique and one of a kind program, Rob uses his 35+ certifications in Metaphysical classes, Psychology and Life Coaching to transcend your limitations and step fully into your inner power. 

Week 1 & 2:

In the first two weeks, we focus on your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual pain and developmental skills in order to help you find relief from your pain

Weeks 3-5:

  • Explore your thoughts, feelings and beliefs and we determine what beliefs are no longer serving your higher purpose

  • Awaken your own emotional intelligence to understand your unique frequency 

  • Addressing the dualities within your decision making processes

  • Learn what fears and boundaries are holding you back from your true desires and develop a plan for lifelong success

The next level teaching in this program comes from the core technique of Heart Math. It is a way to see the connection without the pain. It's a form of biofeedback, which simply means your body is monitored and you receive feedback about its response to your current experience.

In this five week journey, we work to align your heart with your mind, to bring about stress relief, pain management, happier emotions and a more balanced way of life. 

What are the options for the 5 Week Your Path Your Journey program?

There are two options for a client to see me, either in person or online.

The 5 week in person program consists of five weekly sessions at the Healing Frequency, my home studio which is located between Gainesville and Warrenton, VA in the small town of New Baltimore. These sessions are a combination of energy psychology, life coaching and energy work and last ninety minutes in length. 

The 5 week online program consists of five weekly Zoom meetings using a computer connection. These sessions are a combination of energy psychology and life coaching and last 45 minutes each session. 

Please contact me for pricing and availability of each program. 

I am currently enrolling clients  


There are a maximum of 3 spots left for January 2021 and  4 spots left for February 2021 so don't wait, contact me today for a FREE consultation to discuss how this program can work for you!  

If you are ready to work through your past pain, relieve your stress and pain, grow in spirituality and connect to your inner power, contact me ASAP for one of those spots! Payment plans are available so contact me now

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Your Path Your Journey- The 5 week Challenge

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