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The Frequency Synchronization

Frequency Synchronization Technique


Est time of session 90 minutes to 2 hours

 The Frequency Synchronization Technique is a hybrid energy raising and balancing Technique developed by Master healer Rob Pritchard and can take from 90 minutes to 2 hours to deliver. This truly unique one of a kind technique will help raise your energy (kundalini) while balancing out your chakras. This Technique was designed to help  raise  and releasing any stored-up energy flows in the body while  your energy cuts karmic bonds, emotional cords from your body through the Etheric body!

Here is what just one client has said after an abbreviated session:

It started like a normal Reiki session but fairly quickly got intense. Rob started near my root chakra. Within the first minute or two I felt my energy strongly raise up from my root chakra, up each chakra to my crown chakra. It was very intense up to the throat chakra and less so after that (but I’m still working to get out of my headspace...specially during sessions).


After some time, Rob moved to my head. At that point I felt as if my body lifted up and was spinning around my crown chakra. After the spinning (which I tried to just go with) I was super relaxed and at that point I started having past life reviews or concurrent life reviews. Once the tuning forks were brought out it really got fun! At one point I was a hawk flying above the building, at another point I was walking around on the moon! and I had more spinning around that time. 


I felt really charged up after the session and it continued into the next day (when this was written). I felt like my chakras were aligned, everything was turned up to 10, and like

I had bubble of protection around me/ my energy body was further out than normal.

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