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Rob has been on a motivational path all his life. Growing up with a learning disability taught him quickly that if he didn't want to stand out, he had to stay motivated to strive for better to fit in. 

Only later on after the school years did Rob realize he was born to stand out and he began to do so. Rob has  competed at state and national levels in martial arts and state level in ski racing. He loves to live large and with adventure! 

Many past attendees at his seminars and workshops have compared Rob's energy and zest for life to Tony Robbins. Rob brings fire, passion, excitement and joy to the art of motivational speaking.

Whether you have a group of five or five hundred, Rob will always show up to bring it, deal it and talk about it in a personable way. He has an unique way of getting to the heart of a matter while keeping it light and fun! 


Rob is available to talk to small groups and large groups alike. Pricing varies per group and for time requested. You can contact Rob on his contact form on this site or call him directly at (703) 966-6878 or email him at 

Rob's Presentation Topics:

1) Establishing Healthy Boundaries

2) Why the Law of Attraction fails you

3) The Swamp Drain of Tolerations

4) Survive to Thrive: Growing up with a Learning Disability

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