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Michelle Pritchard

Coastal Carolina area and on line

Michelle Pritchard started her journey at a very young age with her mother teaching her their family’s ways of healing. This is where she started her journey and understanding of crystals, cleansings, talking with spirit and Tarot. Michelle continued her journey with joining her father in learning the wonderful gift of reiki, Access Bars of Consciousness, flower essences, essential oils and integrated energy therapy. She has been a Doterra Wellness advocate for 4 years now. She has also been a meditation mentor. While so many other people wait until they're in their late twenties 30s or 40s to journey on this path Michelle has been going since around the age of 8. She has practice and worked in a couple Wellness centers as well as taking part and many of the events that her father would hold and host at the healing frequency in Warrenton Virginia. Michelle is now heading up the healing frequency in the Asheville NC.  area. Michelle is graduate of Coastal Carolina University and works remotely with her extraordinary intuitive card readings.

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