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Energetic Life Coaching

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Life coaching is a results oriented modality that focuses on bringing you results to your deepest challenges in life. Rob is a certified professional life coach (CPLC) and is an expert in helping you through blockages, old belief patterns and behaviors that stand in your way of developing healthy habits. 


Rob's unique process involves going into what makes you "tick" to illuminate and destroy the things that are holding you back from reaching your goals. This technique can be used in sales and business as well as personal development. Sessions contain areas of focus such as:

  • Fear of Rejections

  • Prospecting

  • Marketing

  • Listening/Communication

  • Managing Objections

  • Gaining Commitment

  • Time Management

  • Goal Setting

  • Job Gratification

  • Motivation

  • Improve Performance

  • Leadership Skill

  • Basic sale skill and technique

Five Week Coaching & Healing Intensive

Call for Pricing an appointment availability

This five-week course includes a combination of life coaching and energy work that will help you make significant changes in your life. This course is for you if you’re ready for accelerated changes on an emotional, spiritual and physical level. This course requires a commitment from you; you must be ready and willing to change your life in meaningful ways and commit to the homework and personal reflection required to make these changes.


We will start our work with pain relief and relaxation. We’ll uncover your core values and beliefs and create a plan for bridging any gap between your values and your current life. We will continue on with exploring personal beliefs that are no longer serving you to awaken your own emotional intelligence. We’ll work to challenge and break down your fears so that you are no longer being held back from personal growth.


Throughout this course, you’ll receive the support and guidance that you need to improve your work, relationships, and physical wellbeing.


Each session lasts approximately 90 minutes. Sessions will include life coaching and an energy healing session, which may include Usui/Kundalini Reiki, Theta Healing, and Access Bars. At the end of each session, you will be assigned homework to complete before the next session.

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