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Coaching Online from the comfort of your home or office!










Have you wondered about my 5 -week challenge?



Did you know that I have many clients that just call for a 45 minutes session to just go over what is happening in their life?

 Did you know that I do take the individual coaching session call?
Well, here is your chance for the rest of March and April for you to explore what is making you zig when you want to Zag.


 I am now offering a new 5 -week coaching series to explore your path and your journey.

Each session will be for 45 minutes via zoom or phone from wherever you’re at in the world.


My unique style of coaching transcends traditional psychology and coaching.  by adding in my intuitive, psychic, mediumship skills, I can help you get to your desired outcome quicker and easier.


This is because I use these gifts to help you achieve these results, by seeing things in your past and your energy field to guide you in and out of your heart, mind and soul.

When the vail of your own perception is

lifted it simply becomes easier to see what is holding you back. With this technique it helps you to have compassion for yourself and the others around you.

My mission is to help you reach your own defined success and goals, so you can live a better healthier lifestyle.
Let’s get started today!


What you can expect:

  1. Find clarity and make tough decisions in your life so you can get unstuck and move forward

  2. Develop better habits so that you have more structure and discipline in your life

  3. Set and achieve goals so you will have a better sense of achievement and know that your life is moving in the right direction

  4. Get organized and manage your time more effectively so you can get better results from your day and be held accountable

  5. Change your mindset and put an end to self-doubt so that you think more positively about your life

  6. Make more money and improve your financial situation so you can live a lifestyle that you deserve

  7. Build your self-confidence so you stop settling for less than you deserve and go after what you want in life

  8. Develop better relationships and friendships that leave you feeling fulfilled

  9. Get self-motivated and stop procrastinating so you take action in life and be more productive

  10. Discover your life purpose and passion so you have a sense of    meaning

  11. Overcome depression and anxiety so you can experience more inner peace and joy

  12. Find your dream job or improve your current career so you wake up each day excited to go to work

  13. Learn to believe in yourself so you never give up and keep going when things get tough

What are the benefits of online coaching?
A. Save Time
Of course, the number one benefit of seeing your me online or by phone is the convenience.
Gone are the days where you are forced to have to spend twenty to thirty minutes in your car in traffic having to drive across town for your session.
B. More Relaxed
Because you are not sitting in traffic or feeling rushed from having to stop everything you are doing to drive and meet me, you are more relaxed and at ease.
This is especially true for those of you who live in our congested area or out of the area.
C. More Privacy
Many people feel safer and more secure in the privacy of their own home or office which allows them to open up more.
In many cases, a coaching session can make you feel vulnerable and seeing people as you come and go can leave can feeling unsettling and uncomfortable.
D. More Productive
Because you are saving up to an hour of time that you would otherwise spend driving to and from my office, this allows you more time to be productive.
E. Time for Introspection
Having five to ten minutes to spend before and after your session can help you increase the effectiveness of your coaching sessions.
By spending a few minutes before your session to review your notes and focus on what you want to accomplish you can help yourself and I more from each session.
 By having a few minutes after the session to integrate and process everything you just went over will always help you get more focused on what you need to do next.
 If you were having to drive to my office and drive back home your mind can get easily scattered not allowing you those precious moments to gain more from the session.
F. Sick or Injured
If for any reason you become sick or injure, you can still work with me and avoid cancellation fees.

Who can benefit from online coaching the most?

  • People who preferred provider does not work or live the area

  • Stay at home moms who have kids to raise can find it difficult to leave their home.

  • Busy people who have a demanding   schedule and can’t find the time to drive to my office.

  • Overwhelmed individuals who may not have a car or the time to drive to my office

  • Individuals who travel often and may find it difficult to see me in-person on a regular basis

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