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Theta Healing

Please book 1hr 30 min for first session


Rob is an Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner and would love to share the gift of Theta Healing with you. In a typical Theta session you can experience some or all of the following:

  • Soul Fragments: Sometimes we experience trauma, loss or endings and we leave a bit of our soul behind. The practitioner will retrieve your soul fragments and bring wholeness and unity back to your Spirit.

  • Psychic Cords: In life, we attach to people and people attach to us. Healthy cords are left in place but if unhealthy cords are found, they will be removed. Clients tend to notice the effects immediately.

  • Guardian Angels/Spirit Guides: Healers will communicate with your guides and bring back messages impertinent to you.

  • Baby in the Womb: Healing will be sent to the time of your conception, growth and birth to remove any negative energy or toxins received while in utero.

  • Free Floating Memories: Sometimes we are unconscious and prone to hearing and embodying information around us that does not apply to us. This is most often seen when clients are in coma, in surgery or in a blackout stage. While we are unconscious, we still hear and may embody principles that are against our values.

  • Recreating Soul: This session is for people who have had traumatic events happen in their lives and they appear numb or disillusioned. Cracks in the auric field will be filled and made whole again.

  • Waywards and Negative Entities: The healer will scan your aura for any negative attachments and remove them.

  • Mediumship: The healer will communicate with deceased loved ones and bringing healing and messages from the other side.

  • Digging and Downloads: Digging refers to asking questions to get to the base of a negative belief system. Downloads refer to removing those belief systems and downloading a new way of thinking and being

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