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Here are some contributions Rob has made publicly by print, blog, podcast or public appearances! 

1) Rob's Blog


2) Radio/Podcasts

a) Donnie's Success Champions Podcast: Uma and Rob discuss life as energy healers and what the nature of their work entails. 

b) All Business Media FM: Interview with Rob Pritchard the Energy Healer

c) Blog Talk Radio: Interview with Rob Pritchard on being a Spiritual Teacher

d) Blog Talk Radio:Conversation with Uma and Rob 

3) FB Live/You Tube Videos

Rob's Media  Appearances

I am looking forward to take part in many more retreats. If you are interested in collaborating, please feel free to reach out. I am Now working on my 2024 schedule!

The Infinite Web cover.png

The Infinite web of The Law of Attraction

A psychological look at how you may be subverting your manifestations.


This blog is about the law of attraction and a look inside the mind of Master Healer, Life Coach and internationally trained Psychic and Medium Rob Pritchard who is the owner and founder of The Healing Frequency LLC.


My reason behind writing the Infinite Web of the Law of Attraction is simple.  Since I have worked with so many people on the Law of Attraction and done my own self work on receiving, I wanted to share some insights to help you better understand this all-encompassing Law of Attraction. I found that so many of us have limiting beliefs, core wounds, karmic debt or just past drama that hold us up from receiving.  My feeling is that if we want to start manifesting what we truly want in life, we must do our own self work. If we do not do this work, we simply will not understand why we are not getting what we are focused on. To me, the truth is that we are receiving what is in the vibration of the heart and not necessarily what is in the mind. Once we have congruence between the heart and the mind, we can truly master not only our lives but what we are receiving.

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