Here for the Holidays


Are you in need of a professional ear for the Holidays?


The holidays can be a tricky time of year to try to navigate through and with all the curve balls that 2020 has thrown at us it is not getting any easier.  You may have found yourself saying lately


 "I wish I had someone to talk to"


"I could really use an unbiased ear to help me navigate through this"


 or maybe you just find yourself asking for help and guidance to get you into the next year. 


The number of phone calls I get every day is on the rise looking for help with not just the big obstacles in our day but with some of the smaller day to day things as well.  That is why I was guided to bring this unique opportunity to you!!  


While I would like to offer this opportunity to everyone, I am just one person.  So, in order to offer you the time and attention I know you are going to be needing over the next few weeks, I am only going to be able to offer this to 5 clients.  


So, what will this rare opportunity look like?  For a little more than a payment for one session or one class you could access 4 to 8 weeks of coaching and having an ear to just vent to. (starting November 9th and going through January 2nd).


You Know what is so great about this, I am impartial and out of your circle of family and friends!


What you say to me stays with me!


So what this may mean to you is  that you can get things off your chest and  not have it come back at you at the family dinner table, Holiday parties, or anytime in the future!


It can also help you understand and move to the root of the problem and stay more emotionally grounded and centered!


What could this be worth to you over this year’s holiday season while everyone is in complete melt down and not in control over their own emotions, thoughts, and mouth!


 You will receive up to three 30-minute private   phone consultations per week!


 These weeks could include (but are not limited to:)


Professional coaching

Life Coaching

Setting and establishing strong boundaries

Setting goals for 2021

Understanding your emotions and your emotional response

Dealing with family members and friends

Asking the psychic

Short tarot questions

Short pendulum questions

Access clearing for events that just happen

Energy Psychology (EFT) clearings for events

Short, distance Energy balancing

 And much more!


These can be scheduled calls, or you can call as needed (unanswered calls will be returned within 3 hours).


 To make it even easier to access me, I am offering two options:

Onetime payment of $250 for the 4-week program

Onetime payments of $400 for the full Holiday 8- weeks


So, the question you may need to ask yourself is,

“is your peace of mind and the energetic protection that is required to get through these tough times worth your own investment into yourself?”

 If so; please don't hesitate, contact me to secure your spot for this supportive and uplifting program. This program will not only help get you through the holidays but help set you up for a great 2021!!


Call now for there is only 5 spots per month and you don’t want to miss out!

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DISCLAIMER: Information you receive from any sessions with Rob or the Healing Frequency practitioners is for personal or entertainment purposes only. It is NOT intended to replace any medical, legal, psychological, or other professional advice. Rob, the Staff of The Healing Frequency will not be held responsible for decisions or actions made by anyone based upon services, consultations or communications received.  Clients are expected to be held responsible for the choices and actions they make.