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July 15 2024

Rob Pritchard is amazing. He is not only an excellent psychic he is a kind and understanding human being.  I have been to many claiming to be intuitive. Mr Pritchard is right up there in my top.

-Alexandra H.

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Nov. 17 2023

Rob Thank you so much for your generous time. The energy work made my body feel much better and more relaxed. The way you read my energy and emotions really was quite incredible. Your coaching on everything we talked about war on point. I enjoyed your session.


November 1 2023

Thanks for your help with finding my puppy. When you told me about the green door, shrubbery, and the direction to travel I found my puppy within 5 minutes after looking for 24 hours.  Somehow she got locked in my neighbor's garage and they were not home.  Thanks for saving my pup.


July 7 2022

Just wanted to say thank you rob, so very much. Thank you for accommodating me early. Such an amazing experience. I appreciated everything.


July 5 2022

Rob our session yesterday as well as our conversation helped me to reach a level of vibrational frequency that I haven’t been able to achieve on my own for quite some time.  I appreciate not only the healing services that you provide to me but also the advice and feedback you give me about my finances and life decisions. Additionally, the mutual trust that we are building with each other is helping me to heal lifelong trust issues I’ve had with men, originating from the unhealthy traumatic relationship with my father. “When the student is ready, the teacher appears”.  I am grateful for your help as well as your trust in me.


May 9 2022

You really made my heart sing. Reflecting since it’s Mother's day and I'm just very grateful that you’re helped me heal the relationship with my Mom. I understand her a lot more now and our bond is the strongest it’s ever been.  I appreciate you! Can’t wait for our next session. Thank you, Rob!!


March 30 2022

Thank you so much Rob. I’ve tried everything-laughing gas, valium, dental sedation, and nothing worked to calm my panic attacks until I started seeing you for hypnosis for Dentistry.  It’s an absolute miracle to get through a procedure with no fear.  Thank you for being a miracle worker.

-Kerry Atachague Aries

Feb. 21 2022

You are blowing me away with your generosity. You really embody the true heart of a lightworker and healer.

April 17 at 2:21 PM ·

After an hour healing session with Rob the huge seroma in my breast from cancer surgery reduced in size, from a golf ball to a blueberry. The Nurse practitioner was amazed! Thanks for taking away the excruciating pain I've been dealing with for over a month, and yes I was losing my courage, my will to continue fighting with what's left of me.. But again this man, this God fearing man, restored my hope! I'm blessed to call you, my friend! Thank you so much!

- Diana Starz Lombardo‎ to Robert T Pritchard Jr Roanoke VA.


Rob is a Master Reiki practitioner with great empathic skills and has helped me greatly. His guided meditations are better than any I have been to.
I just had the opportunity to attend Rob's life coaching class "Foundations for a Spiritual Life". It was superbly presented with a thorough PowerPoint presentation. Rob is a great teacher/facilitator and I gained some great insight into myself and the world around me and how to navigate the path of life. I walked out of the class with much insight and feel more empowered to deal with life's challenges.
Rob cares immensely for his clients and students and I highly recommend him.

- Karl P., Kissimmee, FL


I took Rob's new spiritual life foundation course. It was a trial run for the work Rob will be doing later on. There are a lot of life coaches but Rob is one of a kind. I went in thinking that I will get a few tips for establishing a spiritual life. With meeting Rob for a personal session and this one course showed me that I will always have lots to learn and am humbled by it. Albeit I am on the young side but it's a nice realization to have for the sake of your own growth. These days there are so many things in this world that pull us apart that we forget the foundation for bringing it all back together to be our authentic selves. Rob not only has a unique approach but a friendly one too. A good teacher/spiritual mentor or life coach will not give you anything but point you towards the treasure that is innately your joy and most optimal life. It is up to you to make it your own and to use such tools.  I am grateful to people like Rob that can point you towards your own personal treasure. Thank you again Rob! I look forward to future teachings with you. If you are curious and are in the area do consider Rob for a session. You will be thankful you did.

-Raju Sharma, Chantilly, VA


Rob is a gifted energy healer and life coach. I participated in his 5 week life coaching and it was worth every bit of time and effort. The insights I gained thru both traditional life coaching techniques and Rob’s intuitive abilities have allowed me to better understand myself, my beliefs and my relationships with others a much deeper level. Instead of having to stew on any unwelcome emotions that came up during the sessions they were addressed via energy healing. On that note, Rob is a talented and powerful energy healer. He “has the juice” I like to joke and understands at a master level how energy healing works and can powerfully execute it. Rob is easy to talk to and a “normal guy.” He’s had all the normal “guy stuff” happen in his life and I felt comfortable opening up to him to discuss my issues with family, work, life, etc. Most of the “nuggets” were personal but one that I feel is more broadly shareable is about alignment. We had a discussion about “getting into alignment” and he reminded me that our natural state IS alignment. Thus, there is no need to get back into alignment. If I’m “out of alignment” I need to discover what I'm doing to get myself out of alignment, when I stop doing it I’ll put myself back into my natural state. Highly recommend Rob and any of his offered services at The Healing Frequency.

-Chris Gates, Bristow, VA



I think we all decide to do Reiki for different reasons but with the knowledge that, as we work on ourselves, we too will be able to experience healing.  I am so thrilled that I decided to follow this path for myself.  With your expert instruction and powerful attunements, in 3 short months I have drastically changed my vision.  I have worn glasses for years, each year having to get a stronger prescription.  I am happy to report, at the dismay of my eye doctor, my distant vision is drastically improved and my near vision even had a .25 improvement as well.  My eye doctor wanted to know what I was doing and will be following my progress over the next several months. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world Rob, it will be a better place for it.   HCIGABTH!!  

-Tabitha C., Roanoke, VA


Rob is a Master Healer and Coach. I have been seeing him for a few week now for his Coaching Challenge and Healing. in the Coaching I have gained more insight on Personal Foundations, Boundaries, what my needs are and learning to say no and mean it. His Healings are amazing, I had shoulder surgery in June and by August I still could not raise my hand over my head. In just a few weeks of Healing I have more range of motion than ever before and with only a  little discomfort.  I can reach above my head now all do to Rob's Healing!

-Carole N. Springfield VA.


Rob is amazing! He has such a strong energy, and yet is gentle and compassionate.  I did several Reiki sessions with Rob where I felt so many shifts in my own energy, not just giving me more vitality, but also a deep sense of comfort and peace.  I also did a package session with Tuning Fork, Reiki, and Raindrop therapies and it was a magical experience! I was going through a very difficult time, low energy, depressed state of mind ...and left feeling like a new person! My energy was high, my mood, thoughts, state of peace, everything shifted into a much higher frequency immediately!  And with all of these trans-formative experiences, I have to say I enjoy talking with him the most, as a Life Coach.  He’s a great listener, highly intuitive, and asks the right questions, to get me thinking and help me do my own inner work, where real growth and change actually happens.  Highly recommend a series of therapies and treatments to elevate to your best self!!Thank you, Rob!

-Catherine Odderstol, Vint Hill VA


Rob and I have crossed paths for many years and have been great friends for a while now. His practice helps to provide with another perspective in areas of my life where, as a leader, I have few to talk to. As a Kung Fu Master I trust very few people with access to myself, yet as I get older I feel that Rob's Reiki practice helps me to continue to do what I love in a more productive manner.

-Cary Callahan

Owner of Twin Dragon Martial Arts, Gainesville, VA


Awesome place and awesome name. Rob is a true healer. Experience the... gift of Reiki!! He also offers affordable packages. Get on the right path this year. Try The Healing Frequency !! ☀🙏‪#‎gift‬#lightworker Thank you Rob. I need another session. 🙏☀

-Chris Ammerman 

Owner of Zenquility, Gainesville VA 


I have had the pleasure of experiencing Rob's Theta Healing, Reiki Healing, Access Bars, guided Meditations & Life Coaching. He is really good at pinpointing issues and helping you work through them. I highly recommend him!"

-Jennifer Churchner

Owner of Introspective Wellness Group, King George VA


I Feel Amazing, HAHA Rob. I don't know where to begin. You truly have a gift and I send you 1000 balloons for assisting in the healing of my pain. Smile angels all around you.



Rob has changed my life by helping me conquer my fear of having dental work done. My entire life I have suffered from acute panic attacks triggered by dental visits. If anyone has ever had or witnessed a panic attack they know that while they are irrational they are also very real. The symptoms are a fear so intense that your heart races, you have trouble breathing or you hyperventilate, your body shakes and you sweat, you cry or scream and you really feel like you are going to die. Even a simple visit to have my teeth cleaned could bring on these symptoms for me. I had tried laughing gas, anti anxiety meds and sedation dentistry.  Even the sedation could not calm me the fear was too great. All sedation ever did was incapacitate me so the dentist could work on me. Finally I saw Rob for 4 hypnosis sessions. Rob put me in a hypnotic state before I had a tooth extracted and the experience was amazing. I had the procedure done with no sedation and for the first time ever absolutely no fear or panic. I have never felt so calm and relaxed. I feel like this dark shadow I've had over me is gone.  I am so grateful to Rob for this miraculous healing.

-Kerry A., Manassas, VA



July 15th 2015

A  Client's  Journaling Experience:

Trust is easy, it's a decision.

My decision to be my new self is something I never viewed in a visual sense as there was no real plan on how to do it. I knew HE would know I was in pain. That's a scary statement if it's not true. I had to let the pain steepen to finally be ready to start with the work as the decision to move forward was made a long time ago. 


My views on Rob: A steady presence, physically fit, bright eyes and confidence in a comforting sense as I had no clue what a Reiki Master is or does. Whatever it was I instantly knew it would be alright as I saw the compassion in his eyes.


What happened: I laid on the table and decided to be intentional. He started with lengthy hand positions on my head, throat, chest, heart, abdomen, hips and knees. 

As best I can remember there was an internal fight to fully participate by allowing my mind to picture or visualize my thoughts.


Chronologically, I remember mentally adjusting for the Reiki journey.  I remember there were no words but I was being guided on some conscious level. I traveled to a poetic view of my past with strong threads of my reality. They were serious thoughts that continued and then the fantastic visions for current business plans were revealed which elude me at present time. Then to a feeling of love for all my family and friends to include my  past loves and pets. Warmth and gratitude were abundant.


The After Shock: Easing out of the session we spoke to his experience of my condition.  A boy with a shield afraid or not, waiting for a time or place to come out. Does it need to be safe, familiar, more predictable or controllable, etc.?

and a father & son, red bike and a red corvette. I can't believe this part! 

That is a story that was a foundation for a primary emotional setting that took place when I was 5 or 6 on the Rhine River in France as my Dad taught me how to ride a bike and when I rode solo for the first time I looked back to smile and the bike wobbled as I veered off the road into rip-rap and was hurt.  My Dad was concerned for my health but seemed disappointed. Didn't see that one. We are changing that story!

-Identity of Client Confidential 


Rob is a gifted healer. I'd been looking for "mindful counseling" in the Warrenton area and couldn't find what I needed until I met Rob at a meditation. He was  so wonderful in helping me to work through my grief. I am very thankful that I met him.

-Catherine B. 


I have had the pleasure of receiving services from him in life coaching, Reiki and Access Bars ®. They are all wonderful! Rob has a very caring demeanor and gentle sensitivity. He really listens and can pick out what the real issue is and suggest great coping techniques for them. If you are stuck or in a rut or need help with a relationship or just life issues, this is the guy for you. I highly recommend his 5 Week Coaching program which is the most unique thing I have ever seen. You meet with Rob once a week for five weeks in 90 minute sessions. The sessions are combination of talking through your issues (life coaching) and then some table time where he performs the most incredible healing sessions. He is a pure genius!"

-Uma Alexandra Beepat

Owner of Lotus Wellness Center, Manassas VA

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